Mittwoch, 29. September 2010

Even More Detailing On The Tyrannosaurus

I got even more detailing done. Thankfully the skin detailing is almost finished, since this tedious work has gone on long enough already. But at least I can share this tedium with you!

If everything goes as planned, I should have this beast completely finisehd by the end of the week.

And lest I forget: I have joined the FTW bloggers group and I look forward to participating in what appears to be a great and involved community.

Dienstag, 28. September 2010

Work On The Tyrannosaurus Continues- Detailing The Skin

And this model has lots of skin. There is still a lot of work to be done until I´m finished, but I like the look so far. I´m going for a skin with lots of wrinkles anf folds, to convey the mass and size of this creature. As a bonus this adds more interesting texture when painting this model.

See you next update!

Sonntag, 26. September 2010

WIP Tyrannosaurus Update

I got some sculpting done. Mainly the feet and toes, which recieved a basic structure and now eagerly await detailing. The claws as they were did not have sufficient length, so I´ll redo them later. But the old claws were at least useful as armature for the now longer toes.
I also worked on the tyrannosaurus left side, which has not yet received the same detailing as the right one. There is still much work to do.

I also broadened the neck and pelvis a bit, I think it improved the proportions. This is a 6 ton predator after all.

Baring the arms and the tip of the tail the proportions on this animal are now finalized. So I thought it might be fun to compare my Tyrannosaurus to two other dinosaur models I have lying around: A Carnotaurus and a Velociraptor (unfeathered), both available from Reaper Miniatures.

Freitag, 24. September 2010

Another Tyrannosaurus Update!

I added "skin" to the T-Rex´s head and added the rough structures. Nothing´s finalized, though.
The clay not hardening by itself is a boon for large models as this one. I can take my time and correct or change features as I go.

I am not so keen on the eyes as of now, they look a bit "tired". I´ll have to work a bit more on those.

Expect some more updates this weekend, I really want to see this modell finished.

Mittwoch, 22. September 2010

WIP Tyrannosaurus Update!

I coated the entire body (well, minus feet, arms and head so far) with polymer clay (FIMO) and started sculpting the skin. It is rough and has no texture yet, as I am still sculpting all the folds and creases. Polymer clay does not cure until baked, so I can take my time to work on the skin until I am satisfied with the look (or bored with the work :D).

I also bulked out the head (as indicated by the grey areas, where I applied ProCreate) and added claws to the feet.

The tail´s tip looks a bit stubby, but the polymer clay is to brittle to do a finer one. I´ll have to add one with green stuff after the skin is done.

I hope you like the results so far, this beast is slowly coming together.

Dienstag, 21. September 2010

"Jurassic Park III" All Over Again...

Quick update, and a long overdue one at that. I would have had the jaws done earlier, but I dropped the model, breaking the front teeth of the T-Rex.

But after another appointment at the dino-dentist the teeth are done. FINALLY I might add.

The basic head shape is coming together as well, it still needs more bulk in some places, but It made progress.

I must admit that I am enjoying myself immensely while working on this beast.

Samstag, 11. September 2010

WIP Carnosaurus

Here Be Monsters.

I started to work on this monstrosity, a 28mm version of the "king of tyrant lizards".

Heavily WIP, as per the title, I want to have the basic shape of the beast done before I start adding details and texture.

Oh, and lest I forget: The lost temple bases will be available shortly, with more on the way (I have 40mm planned), but I am still waiting for more milliput. A tyrannosaurus truly is an insatiable beast.

Mittwoch, 1. September 2010

Finally the moulding silicone and resin I ordered arrived. Now I´m set to start casting the temple bases.