Mittwoch, 22. September 2010

WIP Tyrannosaurus Update!

I coated the entire body (well, minus feet, arms and head so far) with polymer clay (FIMO) and started sculpting the skin. It is rough and has no texture yet, as I am still sculpting all the folds and creases. Polymer clay does not cure until baked, so I can take my time to work on the skin until I am satisfied with the look (or bored with the work :D).

I also bulked out the head (as indicated by the grey areas, where I applied ProCreate) and added claws to the feet.

The tail´s tip looks a bit stubby, but the polymer clay is to brittle to do a finer one. I´ll have to add one with green stuff after the skin is done.

I hope you like the results so far, this beast is slowly coming together.


  1. Great work dude. It really is coming along nicely. I quite like that you can clearly see its ribs, as if it is slightly starved.

    But where is its little, ickle hands? -__^

  2. Thanks!

    The hands will be done later. the clay is too brittle and unelastic to prooerly sculpt the arms. I´ll do them in Green Stuff later.