Sonntag, 26. September 2010

WIP Tyrannosaurus Update

I got some sculpting done. Mainly the feet and toes, which recieved a basic structure and now eagerly await detailing. The claws as they were did not have sufficient length, so I´ll redo them later. But the old claws were at least useful as armature for the now longer toes.
I also worked on the tyrannosaurus left side, which has not yet received the same detailing as the right one. There is still much work to do.

I also broadened the neck and pelvis a bit, I think it improved the proportions. This is a 6 ton predator after all.

Baring the arms and the tip of the tail the proportions on this animal are now finalized. So I thought it might be fun to compare my Tyrannosaurus to two other dinosaur models I have lying around: A Carnotaurus and a Velociraptor (unfeathered), both available from Reaper Miniatures.

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