Dienstag, 19. Oktober 2010

Commission: Grot Pilot WIP

Kleiner Zorn over at !!! WAAAGH !!! ZORN !!! asked me to sculpt a grot pilot for his custom grot-rokkits.

So let me share the WIP mugshot of the grot with you all.

More to come...

Montag, 18. Oktober 2010

The Maniac Also Paints- Deathwing Terminators

My first venture into the "dark future where there is only war" was when 4th edition was freshly released and a friend of mine picked it up. I was playing Warhammer at that time and more than willing to expand into 40k, so I picked up a Tau army.
Long story short I fell out of love with 40k after a few years, sold my Tau army and moved back to WHFB.

When 5th edition came around I decided to give 40k another shot. After all I have had lots of fun when I first picked up the game, so I decided to use the cheaply available "Assault on Black Reach"-terminators to build a deathwing army.

This was the first squad I painted for that army. I wanted a simple and clean look, quick to paint but good looking. I also enjoyed making the bases from plastic tubes, spare bits and wire. Early on I decided not to do many conversions or a stellar paintjob, so the bases should make the models stand out.

There are many more squads to this army, all in various stages of completion, but I lack any motivation to finish the army, because actually playing WH40k again turned out to be a tedious exercise.
I honestly do not get what I ever saw in the game.

Donnerstag, 14. Oktober 2010

Tyrannosaurus... still nearing completion

The Tyrannosaurus is nearing completion. Not long before he goes on his voyage to be cast...

Sculpting the arms has been a learning experience when it comes to modelling putties. The grey putty is ProCreate, while the green one is, well, green stuff. While sculpting the left arm I noticed that the ProCreate does not like to be spread to thin. It is far less sticky than green stuff, so thin layers of ProCreate do not adhere well to the model. But it offers much longer working time than green stuff, which can be immensely helpful.

The claws on the feet have been done with brown stuff, while I use green stuff to blend claw and toe.

I´m simultaneously working on two commissioned works and another projectll reveal in due time (read: when there is actually something to show). This means work on the T-Rex is not going as fast as it could, but I have been informed that the model cannot be cast immediately anyway, since the casters I approached are quite busy at the moment, so it does not matter.

Mittwoch, 13. Oktober 2010

Mantic Open Day

Ok, I´m back and only now posting about the trip. I apologize for the delay.

The visit to Mantic in Nottingham was a blast. So many impressions, information and the opportunity to meet the crew behind Mantic.

The picture above is of a nice conversion of Warlord Games WWII German infantry and Mantic Zombies. Simple and effective.
Further back you can see a resin cast of a revenant knight and the greens for elvish bowmen.

But the orc three-ups were the real highlight.

I cannot wait for these guys to be released.

And I´d like to thank Ronnie and Steve over at Mantic for the price support for our Kings of War tournament!

I also visited Warhammer World and Bugman´s Bar, but found it to be rather dissapointing. IMO not really worth the trip. But at least I got myself one of the older Bugman miniatures (the one standing on the ale barrels), which my collection was still missing. So it wasn´t all bad.

On the status of my current projects: Work on the tyrannosaurus has resumed, although with some slight setbacks. There will be pictures tomorrow, I promise!

Freitag, 8. Oktober 2010

Tyrannosaurus 97% Done

As promised yesterday, here are pictures of the progress on the Tyrannosaurus. Almost done.

And I have found a professional casting service for this model. Expect me to talk to no end about this when I come back from my trip!

Now I´m off to England... See you next week!

Mittwoch, 6. Oktober 2010

Fields of War - first Kings of War Tournament

I have not spent as much time sculpting as I maybe should have, but work on my Tyrannosaurus has continued... there will be pictures later.

The reason for my distraction is me organizing the first German Kings of War tournament.

Our tabletopclub "Eisenwaldoffensive" with generous support by Mantic Games invites all wargamers to join them on the Fields of War!

There will be games, great prices, free goodies and best of all: Everyone can join in on the fun. The rules are easy to pick up and play, eben absolute newcomers will have absolutely no trouble to dive right into it.

On a somewhat related note: Me and four mates are visiting Nottingham over the weekend... so there won´t be much sculpting done, but expect photos of our tour into the cradle of wargaming.

Sonntag, 3. Oktober 2010

Almost done!

The skin texture is 99% done. Some touch ups here or there then it´s off to the oven to bake and harden.
Only arms, the tip pf the tail and claws and I´m done!