Mittwoch, 6. Oktober 2010

Fields of War - first Kings of War Tournament

I have not spent as much time sculpting as I maybe should have, but work on my Tyrannosaurus has continued... there will be pictures later.

The reason for my distraction is me organizing the first German Kings of War tournament.

Our tabletopclub "Eisenwaldoffensive" with generous support by Mantic Games invites all wargamers to join them on the Fields of War!

There will be games, great prices, free goodies and best of all: Everyone can join in on the fun. The rules are easy to pick up and play, eben absolute newcomers will have absolutely no trouble to dive right into it.

On a somewhat related note: Me and four mates are visiting Nottingham over the weekend... so there won´t be much sculpting done, but expect photos of our tour into the cradle of wargaming.

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