Montag, 18. Oktober 2010

The Maniac Also Paints- Deathwing Terminators

My first venture into the "dark future where there is only war" was when 4th edition was freshly released and a friend of mine picked it up. I was playing Warhammer at that time and more than willing to expand into 40k, so I picked up a Tau army.
Long story short I fell out of love with 40k after a few years, sold my Tau army and moved back to WHFB.

When 5th edition came around I decided to give 40k another shot. After all I have had lots of fun when I first picked up the game, so I decided to use the cheaply available "Assault on Black Reach"-terminators to build a deathwing army.

This was the first squad I painted for that army. I wanted a simple and clean look, quick to paint but good looking. I also enjoyed making the bases from plastic tubes, spare bits and wire. Early on I decided not to do many conversions or a stellar paintjob, so the bases should make the models stand out.

There are many more squads to this army, all in various stages of completion, but I lack any motivation to finish the army, because actually playing WH40k again turned out to be a tedious exercise.
I honestly do not get what I ever saw in the game.

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