Mittwoch, 13. Oktober 2010

Mantic Open Day

Ok, I´m back and only now posting about the trip. I apologize for the delay.

The visit to Mantic in Nottingham was a blast. So many impressions, information and the opportunity to meet the crew behind Mantic.

The picture above is of a nice conversion of Warlord Games WWII German infantry and Mantic Zombies. Simple and effective.
Further back you can see a resin cast of a revenant knight and the greens for elvish bowmen.

But the orc three-ups were the real highlight.

I cannot wait for these guys to be released.

And I´d like to thank Ronnie and Steve over at Mantic for the price support for our Kings of War tournament!

I also visited Warhammer World and Bugman´s Bar, but found it to be rather dissapointing. IMO not really worth the trip. But at least I got myself one of the older Bugman miniatures (the one standing on the ale barrels), which my collection was still missing. So it wasn´t all bad.

On the status of my current projects: Work on the tyrannosaurus has resumed, although with some slight setbacks. There will be pictures tomorrow, I promise!

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