Dienstag, 7. Dezember 2010

WIP Barbarian

So far I did not sculpt any fur or muscles. The dwarf lord also sports the first face I ever sculpted, so I decided I need a bit more practice.

Why a barbarian? Well, I like the imagery of ridiculously overmuscled warriors clad in fur and leather, it is delightfully cheesy and silly. And it allows me to practice musculature, faces, fur and hair.

The body is sculpted out of FIMO, over a wire/green stuff armature, while the hair and fur is done in super sculpey. I just got my sculpey today and had to test it, and I must admit, it is a great putty. FIMO is not bad and is easily available in almost any crafts-store, but super sculpey takes the cake.

Next on the to-do list are his boots, hands and weapon, as well as some jewelery here and there, maybe a necklace or wristbands, tht kind of thing. Oh, and he´ll need a drinking horn, obviously.

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