Montag, 17. Januar 2011

Blast From the Past: My Very First Sculpt: Dwarf Ironbreaker

This is the first model I ever sculpted. I wanted some ironbreakers for my warhammer dwarf army, and I thought it might be fun to try and sculpt some myself. This is the first one I started, as well as the only one Iactually finished. This was well over a year ago, and I like to think that I have improved since these humble beginnings.

It should be rather obvious by now, but I really like dwarfs. So I thought it fitting to include a comparison shot, with different dwarf I sculpted /am sculpting. They are ordered from left to right, from the very first to the current WIP.

On to the model itself:
I remember struggling with the chainmail, and it taking several attempts to even get to the result you see on the image above. Needless to say it looks more than a bit "off", if you allow the understatement.

The model´s plain appearance stands in high contrast to the amount of time and effort this one took. But I did not have any practice nor experience, so it taking very long is not all that surprising.

I still quite like this model, although more for it´s sentimental value than it´s quality (or lack thereof). For a first try I don´t think it too horrible, and I learned a lot from sculpting it.


  1. He looks great. Being a Dwarf fan myself, I really like how you have sculpted him. If I was to say anything against the mini, I would say that he is a little plain. Some more runes or ancestor faces sculpted on would look great.

  2. Cheers!

    I agree, he is very plain looking, but he was my very first try after all. Back then smaller details were still out of my league.

    The next dwarfs I´m sculping will have more detail, ronaments and such.

  3. They all look amazing. I love the posing too - understated and natural.

  4. Thanks Porky. IMO a proper dwarf keeps his feet frmly on the ground and leaves all the fancy hopping and prancing to the elves.