Montag, 24. Januar 2011

The Maniac Also Paints- Barbarian Sculpt Painted

This weekend I made a mold for the barbarian I sculpted. As it turns out, the mold is heavily flawed and the detail is at some parts not very crisp. Oh well, I´ll chalk it up as a learning experience.
And how fitting, since the barbarian was a practice piece to begin with.

Despite the shortcomings of the mold and the resin casts made with it, I fixed one up and painted it. Since I tend to use the putty I think best suited for each situation, my sculpts tend to be colourful collages of different modelling clays and putties. However, I think that sometimes this makes it hard to properly judge a sculpt from pictures alone, especially when the very light grey of the FIMO clashes with the dark green of the Kneadatite.
A paintjob can help tie it all together properly.

Looking at the sculpt now, I feel that the axe looks a bit out of place. I might go ahead and make a new one, we´ll see...

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