Donnerstag, 27. Januar 2011

Pictures of the Warhammer Museum

Last october I visited Nottingham with a few friends of mine. Chiefly to visit Mantic Games` Open Day, but we also used the opportunity to visit GW HQ, including the Warhammer Museum and Bugman´s Bar.

Warhammer World was dissapointing to me. Just a bigger GW store, and I don´t exactly have a high opinion on those. Same old, same old.

Bugman´s Bar was nice, friendly staff and reasonably good food. But I really went there to get my grubby hands on an old Bugman miniature (the one standing on two barrels). I like dwarf miniatures, if you had not noticed yet.

The highlight of our excursion to Warhammer World was the miniature museum (if we don´t count the Bugman miniature). There´s not much to be said about it, it´s a room full of display cases with beautifully painted miniatures, great dioramas and, best of all, vintage Citadel miniatures.

If you find yourself in Nottingham and have an hour to spare, pay GW HQ a visit. There are worse ways to kill an hour.

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