Freitag, 7. Januar 2011

WIP Dwarf Berserker

First post in the new year!

Continuing to experiment and practice with the super sculpey I sculpted this dwarf berserker.

He is done entirely in super sculpey, except the armature, which is made from wire with a thin coat of green stuff. Sculpey has a tough time staying on the wires themselves, so the green stuff both strengthens the armature and provides a more adhesive surface.

Since super sculpey does not cure unless baked, I sculpted the entire body, boots, head and beard in one go, instead of working in small steps and letting the putty cure in between.

Of course the axe head is only stuck on the model for the photo, I can´t attach it yet, since the plastic would not survive the oven.


  1. That's a great pose. Dynamic and menacing. As for the sculpting, that's a real talent you've got there!