Donnerstag, 28. Juli 2011

Update on the Wyvern

I`ve made some progress on the wyvern.

You´ll notice that the head now has detail, whereas before it was a rough outline of the features. He even has teeth and a tongue now!

The wings are the most obvious addition, and gave me quite seom trouble, since the left arm turned out to be a bit shorter than the right one, something I did not notice when I made the armature. This meant scrapping the entire left wing (which was halfway done at that point) and starting all over on it.

I also reworked the softer skin on the beast´s underside and neck. I didn´t like the way it looked prior, still not sure if I like the new look either...

Anyway, the wyvern is almost finished, he just needs some more smoothing around some rough edges, particularly around his wings, and then he´ll be done. Time to think about a rider!

Montag, 25. Juli 2011

WIP Wyvern

The drakon cavalry that was released for Kings of War failed to live up to my expectations.

However, I do like the concept: Smaller drakes/wyverns as monstrous cavalry is an awesome idea.

So I went about sculpting my own wyvern. I imagine these beasts to be predators, instead of using the "noble dragon-trope", seizing their prey (most likely deer) with their jaws and using their clawed hind legs to kill it.

Sonntag, 24. Juli 2011

Dwarf Berserker Champion

Avatars of War have recently released a plastic kit for dwarf berserkers. Without reviewing it in depth, I´m quite taken with it, although I do have some complaints.
While the number of parts is very high, sometimes even annoyingly so (I really don´t enjoy assembling plastic miniatures all that much), the nnumber of poses possible is very limited.

The large beards are part of the head bits and limit the posability by bumping into the arms and stomach. Of course the beards are a tricky part for plastic dwarfs, so I won´t hold this against AoW.

The arms on the other hand yould have been designed better. There are four different pairs of arms, but they all effectively hold their weapons at the body´s side. Having a berserker raise his weapon into the air results in the deltoid musculature ending up in the dwarf´s armpit.

Also, there is no "shouting" head. Berserkers need to shout and holler like nobodies business! A missed opportunity IMO.

So for the pose I wanted my unit´s champion to have I had to break out the green stuff. The result is pictured in the image above.

Sadly the plastic berserkers are not in the same scale as their metal predecessors in the Avatars of War range, which is a bit of a shame.

Keep in mind that I am nitpicking, the set offers cool looking models, many spare bits and is a lot of fun all in all.