Donnerstag, 28. Juli 2011

Update on the Wyvern

I`ve made some progress on the wyvern.

You´ll notice that the head now has detail, whereas before it was a rough outline of the features. He even has teeth and a tongue now!

The wings are the most obvious addition, and gave me quite seom trouble, since the left arm turned out to be a bit shorter than the right one, something I did not notice when I made the armature. This meant scrapping the entire left wing (which was halfway done at that point) and starting all over on it.

I also reworked the softer skin on the beast´s underside and neck. I didn´t like the way it looked prior, still not sure if I like the new look either...

Anyway, the wyvern is almost finished, he just needs some more smoothing around some rough edges, particularly around his wings, and then he´ll be done. Time to think about a rider!

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